Five reasons why the Carolinas are Different for Environmental Consultants

  1. Local regulatory databases and city/county resources.
  2. Statewide regulatory programs including: Underground Storage Tank cleanup funds, Drycleaner cleanup funds, Hazardous Site programs, differing Asbestos regulations, and storm water regulations.
  3. State-specific certifications for engineers, asbestos inspectors, UST inspectors and more.
  4. A unique mixture of agricultural and forestland areas, rural areas with new development, and metropolitan and historical communities with long complex site histories.
  5. Varying geology including the Coastal Plains, Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountain physiological provinces.

State Regulatory Agencies:

Partner’s Carolina Professionals are well-versed in the local regulatory programs and maintain numerous local certifications. Their years of living and working in the Carolinas afford an in-depth knowledge of local and historical resources and site characteristics.

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